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University of Louisville, Sodexo Dining Services, 2100 S. Floyd St., Suite W206, Louisville, KY 40208
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The free MyFitnessPal app is the leader in its category, allowing the user to apply nutrition and exercise information to guide healthier decisions in real time. Create your free account at http://myfitnesspal.com then search “Sodexo Campus” recipes or scan the item’s barcode.


Use Our Nutrition Calulator!

Choose which week you want to view from the list on the left side of the page.

Check the boxes beside several items and click the "View Selected Items Report" link at the top of the page for total calories and nutrition summary.

Click a single item to get individual nutrition facts and ingredients.

Ville Grill

Menus/Nutrition Calculator

Menus/Nutrition Calculator

Browse below for detailed nutritional information:


UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis


UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis

Gluten-Free List

Papa John's

UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis



UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis

Jazzman's Beverages | Food

UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis

Includes gluten and allergen info

UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis



UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis

Coming Soon!
Cardinal Burger Company

Mein Bowl

UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis



UofL Get Healthy Now Analysis

Tulip Tree Sushi
Portion Control Tips
Pick Me Recipe!

  Good Health is in the Cards
Just look for the Cardinal Heads to lead you to better nutrition. See the full Get Healthy Now Analysis links beneath each venue below. For the full nutritional facts, visit the restaurant's site by clicking the logo.

Being well and eating well means becoming aware of choices and making the right decisions to achieve a better today and a better tomorrow.  Your Sodexo dining team is committed to offering you a wide range of options for a healthy dining experience.  From recipes that include the most nutritious mix of ingredients to offering educational resources for positive lifestyle habits, healthy options are the result of a team dedicated to advancing the well-being of the entire campus community.

Another important part of our focus on health and wellness is the use of seasonal menus, featuring fresh and healthy ingredients - many of which are grown by local or regional farmers.  Every season has its own unique produce that is showcased in delicious signature dishes to highlight the distinct flavors and natural appeal of seasonal items.

For students who have special dietary and nutritional needs we have informational resources and customized menus to address your needs.  These menus meet the strictest compliance standards, without sacrificing flavor, texture or presentation. 

Sodexo's nutrition icons make it easy to identify healthy choices

Look for these nutrition icons on the foods being served on your campus to help you meet your dietary needs or desires. If you need assistance finding the right types of foods for you, please reach out to your on-campus Sodexo manager or chef. If you have additional dietary questions, please contact us so we can help!  Sodexo has registered dieticians ready to answer your questions and help you make healthy choices.

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Campus Resources

Health Promotion - resources for students

Get Healthy Now - resources for faculty and staff


Quick Links

Mindful makes it an easy choice for our customers to enjoy a healthier lifestyle as a natural part of each day. Mindful balances specific nutrition criteria with enticing flavors to create an indulgent way to enjoy health. Our specially trained chefs honor each ingredient highlighted in our Mindful recipes, and use preparation techniques to maximize their natural flavor.

A Better Tomorrow Starts Today!
Learn more about making smart choices for your health, for your community and for your planet

Meet the Dietitian
Ask your health questions to one of our registered dietitians

Nutrition Tracking
Use MyFitnessPal and Sodexo’s Nutrition Calculator to plan and track your meals

My Plate
Get healthy eating tips, create a personalized plan, and more with the latest information from the USDA


A better tomorrow starts today



Link: University of Louisville